What is Crossfit?

CONSTANTLY VARIED- CrossFit mixes weightlifting, body-weight movements, and monostructural movements in ever-changing combinations, to produce the strength, speed, power, muscular stamina, cardiovascular endurance, agility, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, and balance that it takes to create the fittest and healthiest humans in the world.

HIGH INTENSITY- Intensity is a mathematical function that can be tangibly measured and recorded. "How much work is done in a certain amount of time." This means that, along with a high respect for technique and form, we go hard and fast. The goal is to stretch the limits of your physical ability as safely and efficiently as possible. 


FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT- This means that movements are based on the physiology of the human body. We pull in ways that the body was designed to pull, we press in ways that the body was designed to press, we squat the way that the body was designed to squat. This maximizes safety, strength, and efficiency. This also means that we don't train to get better at training, we train to get better at daily life.

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